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Brain Gym- Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning -    Denison & Denison

In wide use in school systems throughout the country, this booklet offers a variety of in-place exercises which promote whole brain learning.  The activities make all types of learning easier, but they are especially effective with academic skills.

Booklet  $13








Why Montessori for the Elementary Years?

Designed for schools to be used as a promotional tool for prospective and current parents, this 32-page booklet is a lecture by Sanford Jones which was originally presented to the American Montessori Society at the Annual Seminar in 1971. Expanded  and updated in 2010, this booklet provides information on the multi-faceted rationale for enrolling a child in an authentic Montessori program at the Elementary Level.
Booklet $10 each or $5 each in quantities of 10


Brain Gym
Why Montessori